My procedures allow insertion, deletion or substitution of sequences at any location in plasmids. This includes cloning of inserts, changing plasmids promoters, selection or fluorescent markers, scar-less addition of tags anywhere in genes and more.  

Examples for services offered

  • ‚ÄčCloning to CRISPR, Lenti, Retro, pMIG plasmids and so many more.
  • Transfer of insert from one plasmid to another plasmid.
  • Addition of sequences to an existing plasmid, for example adding FLAG+myc tags.
  • Cloning shRNA coding sequences in plasmids.
  • Introducing site directed mutations.
  • Deletion of sequences of any length from a plasmid.
  • Insertion of one gene fragment in to another gene for generation of chimeric proteins.
  • Insertion of a gene with simultanious addition of a tag.
  • Addition of flexible polyglycine spacer between tags and inserts to prevent structural effects of       tags on your protein.

Cloning Services - Modify sequence ANYWHeRE in your Plasmid

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