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When you don't have a source plasmid for your gene of interest or the destination plasmid where you want it cloned In cases Addgene* is a plasmid repository offering over 25,000 plasmids at $65/plasmid. Browse Addgene for any plasmid with backbone properties desired for your application. If the vector has unwanted elements, such as preexisting insert, we will remove it and add your gene instead. We could also modify the vector to include different selection markers, express a different fluorescent protein etc. To search Addgene database please click here.

Sources for your gene of interest include cDNA clones at nominal cost from DNASU,  or  MGC. Addgene may also offer plasmids with your desired gene. Additional sources for clones include OriGene and GeneCopoeia.  We can also de novo synthesize your gene of interest.  

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