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Custom DNA constructs plasmid cloning company

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* Please request a specific quote in the following cases:

  •     Cloning into viral vectors.
  •     Cloning of repeated sequences.
  •     Cloning of AT- or GC-rich sequences.
  •     Cloning of inserts longer than 5 kb.
  •     Site directed mutagenesis in plasmids larger than 12 kb.
  •     Cloning to vectors with no full sequence information.
  •     Cloning of more than one insert.
  •     Cloning of 3' UTR sequences.
  •     Cloning from genomic DNA.
  •     Addition of more than 30 bases not present in template DNA.

*My pricing guidelines are simple and contain no hidden costs. The basic price is $295 per cloning. 40 cents per base for addition of new sequences not present in the provided template, such as tags or insertion of several amino acids. Sequencing charges are $15 per reaction, covering 800 bp. Remaining sequence even if less than 800 bp requires an additional reaction. Use the calculator below to obtain the cost of your project. See also the promotions page for periodic discounts. I Accept payments by Purchase orders, checks, direct deposits and credit cards. Domestic credit card payments incur 3% fee and international 4% fee. 

Project cost calculator

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